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What is a Customised Program?

Get a program created exclusively for you! Fulfil specific requirements for a practicum, earn academic credits or meet specific learning outcomes through BEYOND BORDERS’s customized programs. These programs could be created for an individual, a group, staff/faculty led programs and will be devised by our in-house program design team who will work closely with you. Customized programs are available in one or more of the following areas:

  • Medicine
    • Medicine and Clinical Sciences
    • Nursing
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy
    • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
    • General Medicine
    • Rural Healthcare
    • Public Health
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Infectious Diseases in India
  • Film and Media
    • Marketing and Publicity of Films
    • Television Production
    • Film Production
    • Fashion Design for Film
    • Filmmaking
    • Digital Filmmaking
    • Digital Art
    • Animation and Visual Effects
  • Business
    • Microfinance
    • Social Business (choose areas of interest in communications, finance, fund-raising, marketing, design)
    • Eco-Tourism
  • International Development
    • Social Work
    • Women’s empowerment
    • Public Health
    • HIV/AIDS outreach
    • Grassroots Community Development
  • Education and Teaching
    • Teach Rural Children (choice or primary, secondary or higher education)
    • Children with special needs
    • Hindi Language (learn a foreign language)

If you are interested in creating a customised program please write to us at

Here are some examples of customized programs created by BEYOND BORDERS in the past year :

Bollywood Film & Marketing

This Program was created when a partner University wanted it’s creative industries students to understand how Film Making and Marketing in the world’s largest film industry play a major role; right from the making of a film, to its release and publicity to make it a box-office hit. The Program combines field trips and meetings with directors, producers, cinematographers, production companies, distribution agencies, PR and promotion professionals to help students understand how in a highly competitive space where upto 6 films release in one single day, film marketing is the key to success. Read more

Design Abroad

We jointly created this Program with a partner University who wanted their design students to meaningfully Engage, Ideate, Prototype and Co-design with rural communities and help improve the sustainability of specific projects. This is a 3 week, 1 credit course that allows students to engage in the participatory design process. Read more


This program was developed specifically for the nursing faculty of one of our partner Universities. The program allows students to observe nursing in context to different medical disciplines and understand how Nursing works in the developing world where millions still remain underserved due to lack of adequate medical infrastructure. Read more

Occupational Therapy

This 4 week Program was developed for one of our partner institutions whose student groups needed to directly engage with children in need for Occupational Therapy. This became one of our most hands-on programs for students and professionals where they get to work closely with therapists and monitor the improvement in children, week-on week.

To request for more info including student reports, completion surveys etc. on our past Customised Programs write to


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Cindy Klinger, Georgia state university, USA

Cindy Klinger, Georgia state university, USA

I think BEYOND BORDERS is a professional organization that had a good grasp for what we were looking

Jayme Aargon, Oregon university, USA

Jayme Aargon, Oregon university, USA

Mark and I toured Dharavi last weekend and one thing that stood out was how self-sufficient this com

Alexandra Spicer, UTS, Australia

Alexandra Spicer, UTS, Australia

Thank you to you both once again for providing such an amazing experience, this is truly one I will